Marketing that takes you to the next level.

You're ready to get serious with your marketing. We'll set your brand and marketing foundation, building the strategy that gives direction and the results that are easily measured, helping you see and prove your growth for the long-term.

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You've gotten the ball rolling, but it's time to bring in some external expertise. We're here to take 'marketing' off your list of tasks.  We'll take the pulse of where you're currently at, develop the strategy, and bring it all to life with effective campaigns.  From there, we can hire your new team or train your existing, continuing our support with fractional CMO direction. 



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Including brand and marketing audits, strategy and campaigns, we'll get to know your company as our own and developing the strategy and campaigns that earn you the brand loyalists you deserve. 

Bespoke strategy & campaigns

1:1 consultation isn't the only way to build your brand foundation.  We've developed a digital course that walks you through the same process - on your terms, in your time.

DIY brand strategy

Sometimes, we all need a sounding board. We can be your on-call strategists, paid ad consultants, SEO experts - whatever you need.  You'll always leave with an action plan for the way forward.

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Fractional CMO direction

No matter the industry, no matter the company, marketing is a critical part of your success. Our founder and lead strategist will take the helm of your marketing, integrating with your team to set you up for long-term success. 

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Believing in partnership and quality, we get to know your company so well that we feel like your 'outsourced but in-house' team.  From setting the strategic direction to executing specific campaigns, you'll always have us to call on.

We don't believe in oversized agency teams, nor do we think you should manage dozens of freelancers.  With us, you get a centrally-managed and fully-aligned group of freelancers, picked specifically for your project. 

Whether it's some some brand strategy and design, or a launch campaign with a social media and paid ad focus, we have the best-in-class team, ready to work on your project.  

Coming from the advertising world, I know there's a better way to do things.  Rather than the flashy agency with eye-watering headcount, you need to build your trusted team of marketers, ready to take your business to its next level.  We're here to lead this marketing charge, partnering with you along the way. 

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BRAND strategist.
YOUR advocate.

"The world needs more amazing strategists like Emily!

- heidi hauer, executive & health coach

Her service and skills are truly exceptional.

Her service and skills are truly exceptional.

"It was incredible working with Emily!

- steph gittins, ark curriculum plus

She helped develop our brand and brought energy, structure and creative ideas in abundance. I particularly loved her storytelling and customer focus which really helped to turn our brand vision and mission into reality.  A true gem."

"Words can't express how amazing Emily is to work with!

- sarah lostracco, mcCann

"She's smart and strategic. She takes initiative and is a team player. She's thoughtful and creative.  Emily is truly one of a kind. I would love the chance to work with her again, and until that time comes, I'm jealous of anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her."

- brad buset, td bank

Her skillsets in digital and brand strategy are complimented with innate curiosity and experience in asking tough questions, leading to better work. She is an amazing person to work with, brings consistently positive ideas and attitudes, and is an all-around wonderful human."

"Emily has been an invaluable member of our freelance team

- mark steadman, podcode

I left our initial session feeling inspired and ready to take on the world with confidence in my new brand and its resonance with my target market.
The materials she prepared afterwards showed she'd thoroughly listened to and understood what I needed, and articulated who and how I wanted to serve better than I could."

"Working with Emily is a joy.