Marketing the way forward.

We equip you with effective brand and marketing strategy so you can grow your business intentionally and sustainably. 

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From start-ups to established brands, we work with you to provide the clarity and direction in your marketing.  We set the strategy and bring it all to life through inspired creative campaigns. 




All women deserve equal access and opportunity to the resources, connections and education that make their ideas, products and brands come alive in the world.  This is the socially-conscious tenet Penner Collective was founded on and why we’ve been a female-focused brand ever since.

When you hire us, you’re hiring women honoured with time flexibility, family life awareness, competitive pay and mindful mentoring.  From this balanced and inclusive place, we can show you just how successful implementing sustainable and socially-forward practices and plans can be.

I’ve always wanted to do great work and see great things. It’s what’s moved me to live in Australia and France, to work in places like India and China, and to land here in England to start this fresh take on marketing called Penner Collective.  

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There are countless strategy templates out there - but none that show you a good (or realistic) final version.  See my completed marketing strategy with my notes on what to include, what not to include and the questions it should really answer.

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- brad buset, td bank

Her skillsets in digital and brand strategy are complimented with innate curiosity and experience in asking tough questions, leading to better work. She is an amazing person to work with, brings consistently positive ideas and attitudes, and is an all-around wonderful human."

"Emily has been an invaluable member of our freelance team

"Words can't express how amazing Emily is to work with!

- sarah lostracco, mcCann

"She's smart and strategic. She takes initiative and is a team player. She's thoughtful and creative.  She's wise beyond her years.   Emily is truly one of a kind.
I would love the chance to work with her again, and until that time comes, I'm jealous of anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her."

"It was incredible working with Emily!

- steph gittins, ark curriculum plus

She helped develop our brand and brought energy, structure and creative ideas in abundance. I particularly loved her storytelling and customer focus which really helped to turn our brand vision and mission into reality. A true gem."

- mark steadman, podcode

I left our initial session feeling inspired and ready to take on the world with confidence in my new brand and its resonance with my target market.
The materials she prepared afterwards showed she'd thoroughly listened to and understood what I needed, and articulated who and how I wanted to serve better than I could."

"Working with Emily is a joy.