A brand without a strategy is like a teenager without a therapist.

brand strategy 101

(Or maybe, all of us without a therapist?!)

Potentially misguided.  Definitely unpredictable.  And a little unhinged. 
A strategy is the guiding light for brands, helping them see themselves in full and articulate who they really and truly are.

(Or maybe, all of us without a therapist?!)

Likely misguided, unpredictable and a little unhinged. 
A strategy is the guiding light for brands, helping them see themselves in their true light and articulate who they really and genuinely are.

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Let's face it - it's expensive to bring in a consultant or agency to develop your brand strategy.  Through this course, we'll walk you through the process that gives you a strong brand foundation - all in a digital, on -demand forum.

You'll get to know your customers better than ever before, you'll know your exact positioning in the market and you'll have complete clarity on what to say and how to say it.

We can be your brand therapist strategist.

daily decisions to be made

Cash flow! Investment! Money. The necessities of all start-ups.  Not wanting to waste a penny, it can be hard to know where to allocate both your time and money.

What's the best use of my budget

Time might be the most precious commodity a founder has - and certainly the most finite.  We know every minute counts.

What's the best use of my time

You can't be an expert in every part of your company.  It's all about knowing when to dig into the detail and when to get some outside perspective.  

What if I don't have the expertise?

Expensive agencies are not the only option.

gain clarity in your brand

Know your brand inside and out.  With a strong foundation, you can instantly know what's 'on brand' for you.

show up consistently

With a clear brand strategy, you have the framework to follow for the campaigns and content that follow. You'll establish the consistency that every brand needs to succeed. 

be cost-effective along the way

You don't have to have the expense of agencies or consultants.  You can walk through the same process on your own terms, in your own time, while having the access to a community of founders and our lead strategist if you need it.


A guided, on-demand course that walks you through your brand strategy from start to finish.  It's the same process that we use for our live clients, with all the questions, prompts and exercises.  Plus, you'll get the strategy template, a completed example, and extra resources when you need that helping hand.

Brand Strategy 101

The fundamentals

We'll first establish some of the foundational lessons and theories of brand strategy, so you have all the context and 'best practice' needed.  We analyse why some brands have succeeded and where others have failed, emphasising what can be learned from these examples. 

Course breakdown:


Your customer

We'll learn everything there is to know about your customers.  Getting into your priority personas, we'll identify who you're speaking to, what they care about, and why they'll like you. 


Identity & positioning

First, we establish who you are, articulating your vision, purpose, mission and values (confirming the difference between them all!).  Then, we establish where you sit in the market, which brings us to our brand promise, value proposition and more.


Brand expression

It's not enough to know what to say.  We also have to know how we're going to say it. We'll identify what feels 'on-' and 'off-brand', getting you to the 'sweet spot' of your brand. 

From there, we'll get into the next steps and how this strategy can be entrenched in all parts of your business. 


The application

The strategy you have just developed will be so much more than a document that collects digital dust.  We'll look at the next steps of how you bring this to life and how it continues to direct your campaigns.

part 4

Strategy template

Completed example

Marketing glossary / comparison of terms

Research guide

+ supporting resources

watch the videos, section-by-section

complete your own strategy as you go

access support whenever you need

How it works

Each section focuses on a central theme, with lessons to watch (and revisit) as needed. 

In line with the lessons, complete each section of your strategy as you progress through the course. 

From templates, examples and resource, guides, the support is there.  1:1 consults are also available. 

Schedule a call for those 'is this right?' sense-checks.

Schedule a call for those
'is this right?' sense-checks.

ad-hoc sanity check-ins

It's easy to get too far down the rabbit hole, resulting in a lack of perspective and a complete questioning of whether 'strategy' is even spelt 'strategy'.  For those times, book a call with our founder and lead brand strategist.  Send her your progress or brain-dump on the call, getting you to a place of greater clarity. 


Have clarity over your customers and your positioning, knowing the unique value you offer. 

By the end of this course, you will...


Know what to say and how to speak with your customers in an effective way.

Be confident over all future design and product decisions, knowing what is true to your brand. 

I believe that all brands need the foundation of strategy to truly succeed in the world.  Wanting to give that to more brands at earlier stages in their trajectory, this course walks you through the same process I go through live with clients.  With over 12 years in advertising, strategy and brand-building, I know what it takes to make your brand flourish. Let's get to work! 

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17 video tutorials, 4 extra resources (a template, example strategy, glossary and research guide) and access to a student community.

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