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Pairing big dreams with practical plans for your brand.

Marketing within a startup or early stage company is unto itself.  It's a different beast entirely, with more pressure and less resource.  And when you love it, you really love it.

Having begun and supported many startups before, we get it, and we're here for you.  We can be your on-call marketing team, developing your strategy and calling on just the right marketer to make it happen. Your freelanced marketing team that feels in-house.

Brand audit 

Let's take a close look at your brand and marketing, establishing what works and what doesn't. We can take a deep dive into what matters most, from customer acquisition through to your email strategy, ensuring you walk away with clear and actionable next steps.

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Strategy & planning

Let's dream about what can be - and set the exact plan to get us there.  We'll tackle your brand and marketing strategy, bringing it to fruition in a campaign plan that focuses all efforts. 


Campaign execution

You have your strategy, now let's get you to market.  We'll hand-pick the right creative team, with experience in your industry and a master of their craft.  External expertise all centrally managed and in line with your strategy, making it feel like your 'outsourced - in-house' team. 

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in their words

"'Knockout strategiser' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Emily.
She effortlessly simplifies complex problems and distills them into clear and concise strategies."

- Sacha mlynek,
oxford university press

Hi, I'm Emily!  My entire career goal has been to build brands that I'm proud of.  Which means they're industry-leading.

 I'm passionate about building incredible and long-lasting brands, and know what that takes for startups.  I would love to learn more about your company and discuss the possibilities! 

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