Brand & marketing audit

the starting point

Sometimes you know you need something - that 'je ne sais quoi'  that lies somewhere in the depths of a brand strategy, a social media plan, a launch campaign and... who knows what else?! 

Let's take some time to see where you're at.  We'll dive into particular areas, perhaps your social media or email strategy, to make improvements from Day 1.

To figure out where to go, we need to know where you are. 

What's included 

let's talk details

We'll conduct our deep dive into your brand and marketing activity to date, getting into the back-end of whatever channels you're using, from paid ads through to emails. 

Let's take a look at where you're at in the market context. How are you differentiated from your competitors? Where are you doing well? Or not so well? We'll look at industry best practice and get inspired for the potential of your brand.

We'll present our recommendations of where you go from here. From what to start doing, stop doing, you'll have a prioritised action plan  to put to good use.

In a 1 hour call, we'll gather the info, get the context and understand your objectives before we dive in.

kick-off call

We'll get into all of your brand and marketing activity to date, formulating a deck of our findings.


You'll get all of our analysis, findings and recommendations in a deck, discussing it all in a meeting.


how it works




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+  VAT

If you proceed onto a strategy project with us, we'll take half this cost off your next invoice.