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woman at a time.


Whether it’s people, cities or brands, I quickly move to find the heart of things.

I’ve always lived from that place, always carried around a natural knack for finding the story and bringing it up to the surface to be told and told well. This instinctual skill for strategy brought me into my advertising days and through years of international marketing experience at Oxford University Press while writing a business plan for a sustainable cosmetic line. Eventually, every one of my experiences convened into the perfect job as the founder of my own brand and business, Penner Collective. From global marketing strategies to a “Marketer of the Year” award, my own evolution has led me here to empower entrepreneurs around the world in their own creative revolutions.


Penner Collective is the practical movement of a winning vision. 

It’s a gathering of strategic minds from all creative fields in a communal and unified mission to lift up the brands, ideas and women the world needs to know about. It’s a place where effective doesn’t mean super expensive, where sustainable doesn’t only mean straws and where support doesn’t mean competition. We exist because there’s a better way of doing things, and someone needs to lead the charge, be the example and set a new pace.

What does it even mean? 

For us, it’s a way of seeing things and a constant state of being. It’s more long-term and less disposable, more made well than made often. It’s subtle and slow-burning while also loud and urgent. It’s planning past the next campaign and thinking about the next generation. It’s making sure the woman of all women, Mother Earth, isn’t stained by our work, and that the women who live here - the ones so full of ideas, promise and creativity - are celebrated with the education and empowerment they need to be known. Sustainability is a whole way of life for us, and we’re honoured to live by its standards through personal integrity and professional activism. 

Paying it forward in business

Each quarter, we offer pro-bono marketing consultancy and resources to a female-founded start-up who wouldn't otherwise be able to access it.  There are so many women who have ideas and solutions that the world simply needs to hear. 

Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

- michelle obama

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