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Whether it’s people, cities or brands, I quickly move to find the heart of things.

I’ve always lived from that place, always carried around a natural knack for finding the story and bringing it up to the surface to be told and told well. This instinctual skill for strategy brought me into my advertising days and through years of international marketing and entrepreneurship.  Eventually, every one of my experiences convened into the perfect opportunity as the founder of Penner Collective.  With the support of a powerhouse team of women, establishing a brand's strategic foundation and visual expression is a passion and joy.   And really, that's just the beginning.  We're here for brands as they grow and evolve, supporting us all in our creative revolutions. 


Penner Collective is the practical movement of a winning vision. 

It’s a gathering of strategic minds from all creative fields in a communal and unified mission to lift up the brands, ideas and women the world needs to know about. It’s a place where effective doesn’t mean super expensive, where sustainable doesn’t only mean straws and where support doesn’t mean competition. We believe there's a better way to do things where we genuinely, freely and boldly propel the work of great brands into the world.

Where words and deeds align.

We believe in the founders we work with and will consider equity partnership when that magic of idea, founder and timing all align.  Entrepreneurship is a crazy ride, and we're here for the journey. 

Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

- michelle obama

We can't wait to discover what your brand can be.

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