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building the brand with a focus on the customer

Working with a start-up is special.  There is always so much passion, dedication and love for the product.  Through all of the hours, stress and love, building a brand requires a step back, shifting the perspective away from the product or service itself and over to the customer. 

What do they need?  What are they worried about?  Are you sure?  Are you really  sure?  Let's test that.  

It's about understanding your values and your customers' needs, finding that sweet spot where they naturally align. 

Throw in some web design, a lot more strategy, some tactical planning and many zoom calls spanning 4 time zones, and we had a brand called 'Mayn'. 

Brand strategy
Marketing strategy (launch)
Tactical planning
Input to web design

services provided

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing launch strategy 
  • Tactical planning
  • Input to web design

How can we have an impactful launch when we don't yet have an audience? 

Both the challenge and benefit of a start-up, we were starting with an entirely blank slate to build the brand and launch the offer.  But, how could we attract attention?  What would we say?  Why would someone care?  Once we had the audience's attention, how would we keep them there?  There's a lot to do and even more to prove in the launch of a brand. 

the challenge

...that was followed by a series of workshops...



Beginning with a research review...

With a strong base of market knowledge and product proposals already complete, we focused our research on the customer and the competition. 


#1: The customer
#2: Internal brand identity & positioning
#3: External expression

This enabled us to walk away with a clear brand strategy that acted as the guiding compass for all that was to come.

...that informed the brand strategy & marketing plan.


The insights gained from the research and workshops fed into the brand strategy that acted as a guiding compass for all to come.   

Then, we gave life to the brand with a tactical launch plan, listing all timings, deliverables and investment required. 


...with ongoing guidance as the development progressed

From finalising the brand design to inputting on web development, we continued to meet in tandem with product development.  

The deliverables

  • Brand & marketing strategy 
  • Launch plan & schedule
  • Budget
  • Continued strategic direction

"Emily is amazing to work with.
On top of being highly skilled in this area, she is a pleasure to work with and very organized."

- beth cuddy, co-founder

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