25 facts about me

I always love to know the people behind the brand. It makes it more real – more personable. In order to get to know me, here are 25 random facts about me – some useful, some odd, some good to know. Let’s get to know each other!

  1. My middle name is Ann. No ‘E’. I have to disagree with Anne of Green Gables and claim that ‘Ann’ without an ‘e’ is not naked at all.
  2. I lived in Australia for a year when I was 12/13, and to this day credit it for my love of travel.
  1. I can’t stand the feeling of tights. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. It has to be quite an occasion to get me in a dress in the winter!
  2. On the theme of weird pet peeves, I can’t handle long nails. If I can see my nail over the tip of my finger, they’re too long.
  3. I truly don’t like being put into a box but if I HAD TO PICK an enneagram type, I’m a number 3 (The Achiever), but throw in a healthy dose of number 8 (The Challenger). I don’t believe that’s how the enneagram is supposed to work, but that’s my number 8 talking.
  4. I’ve been married for going on six years now and can happily report I may even like my husband (Luke) more now than at the beginning of COVID – I consider that a win!
  1. I’m born and raised Canadian (and forever will be), but will also be looking at UK citizenship over the next year or so – really done paying the visa fees!
  2. I have had ulcerative colitis for about 12 years – it flares up every now and again and the toll of chronic illness isn’t easy.
  3. My husband and I share the same birthday, albeit one year a part. My brother-in-law also has the same birthday. October 28, in case you’d like to mark your calendars!
  4. I love birthdays and fully endorse the ‘birthday week’ mentality. (Also crucial given point above!)
  5. My drink of choice is a big, bold glass of red.
  6. I’ll usually go for anything chocolate, but the best dessert of all has to be pumpkin pie (when completely covered in whipped cream).
  7. My current anthem is ‘Gaslighter’ by The Chicks. Not entirely sure why, but turn that up and have a dance around and you’ll feel better.
  8. I love a thrill. Give me the rollercoasters, the scuba diving, the sky diving. I decided to go sky diving while in South Africa a few years ago in the span of 30 minutes.
  1. I’m fairly decisive. Once I’m in, I’m all in.
  2. I love being completely out of my element. Put me in a brand new place with all new people, completely and totally lost, and I’m happy.
  3. I’m a middle child and while I got the negotiation skills, don’t feel like a middle child at all. Let’s just say I was heard!
  4. I get random hives regularly. Just woke up with one on my lip this morning, in fact. Who knows? Who cares? Life goes on.
  5. I seriously value freedom and think it’s one of the reasons I went into my own business – the freedom of flexibility, of knowing that there’s no ceiling and no limits is wonderfully motivating.
  6. My dream job as a kid was to be an actress. I had a stint of theatrical productions through school – ‘Maria’ in ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Adelaide’ from ‘Guys and Dolls’ were my favourites. This love of performance continues – give me a presentation any day of the week.
  7. I majored in Psychology (with a focus on Industrial Organisational Psych) in university with a minor in marketing.
  8. My first job was at an optometrist’s office conducting ‘Field Eye exams’ (basically, making people stare at a dot for 20 minutes and telling them not to move their eyes). I was 15, didn’t ask a single question in the interview and was a nervous wreck through the whole thing!
  9. I’m from a musical family and while the least talented sister in this domain, I managed to squeak out Grade 8 piano and can hold a harmony.
  10. My favourite part of a business is the start-up stages – getting an idea of someone’s vision and passion, and finding a way to make that come to fruition. It’s the best.
  11. I’ve gotten more into cooking over the lockdown, but my love language might simply be someone cooking for me. My happiest place on a Friday night is perched at the kitchen island, with a glass of red, watching Luke cook!

Any surprises? Anything you completely relate to? Let me know!

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A guide through brand strategy for startups

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