To get results, we must first give clarity.

We often think, "when I can show some results... when I get that next round of funding... when I gain a little momentum... that's  when I can focus on brand strategy."  But what if strategy is what gets us to the results?

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We all want to show the amazing, 'where do I sign' kind of results, and often chase after them with all our advertising dollars and vengeance.  But in order to get those results, we need to have the clarity in our message and consistency in our approach that can only come from brand strategy. 

Taking the time to understand the fundamentals of your brand - from who you are targeting, to what you're promising, to how your brand presents itself, is the core to great and effective marketing. 

It's the necessity to the results, the traction, and the customer delight, that you need to show. 

It's the strategy that gives way to results.

first comes strategy

Your quickstart guide to brand strategy

Your quickstart guide to brand strategy

This 3-part video series  will walk you through your brand's customer, promise, and personality to give you the essentials of the 'who, what and how' of your brand. 

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I've been strategy-obsessed since my first days in advertising.  Always the one to ask 'why?', I've made sure that I am always able to answer that question myself.  There's nothing better than an afternoon spent with a coffee, my notepad (I still brainstorm with pen-in-hand!) and a strategy. 

I don't want you to be left staring at that blinking cursor - start writing, start brainstorming, and edit from there. 

Let me know if you need any support!