Let's lift the veil with a template and example 

Let's lift the veil with a template and example 

Helping you with your strategy development through a template with tips and prompts to guide you, as well as a completed example to help show the potential. For those moments when you're thinking, 'Wait, is that right?!' 

Not sure where to start with your marketing strategy?


what's included?

• Ready-to-use template (Microsoft Word)
• Strategy example (PDF) providing guidance for each section, including: 

• Objectives
• Strategic approach
• Key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Customer segmentation
• Channel plan
• Customer journey

I've been strategy-obsessed since my first days in advertising.  Always the one to ask 'why', I've made sure that I am always able to answer that question myself!  There's nothing better than an afternoon spent with my tea, my notepad (I still brainstorm with pen-in-hand!) and my strategy document. 

I don't want you to be left staring at that linking cursor, so I'm giving you a jumpstart with this template and example.

Let's go for it! 
Download the marketing strategy.