Let's get started on your marketing strategy.

Let's focus your time, your efforts, your budget, on things that are going to move the needle.  Here's a template that guides you along the way, with key questions to consider and a completed example for inspiration. 

no time like the present


what's included?

• Editable template
• Completed example providing guidance for each section, including: 

• Objectives
• Strategic approach
• Key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Customer segmentation
• Channel plan
• Customer journey

I've been strategy-obsessed since my first days in advertising.  Always the one to ask 'why?', I've made sure that I am always able to answer that question myself.  There's nothing better than an afternoon spent with a coffee, my notepad (I still brainstorm with pen-in-hand!) and a strategy. 

I don't want you to be left staring at that blinking cursor - start writing, start brainstorming, and edit from there.  To get that momentum going, here's a template and a completed example.   Let me know how it goes!

Get our strategy example & template 

There are countless strategy templates out there - but none that show you a good (or realistic) final version.  See my completed marketing strategy with my notes on what to include, what not to include and the questions it should really answer.

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