Brand strategy

laying your foundation

It's exciting but can be overwhelming.  Through research, workshops and analysis, I'll guide you on this path of discovery that results in clarity and confidence in who you are and how to take the next steps. 

A great brand strategy takes humble honesty and an unwavering commitment to look through the lens of your customer.  

Who is your customer? Who are you?  

How do you bridge the two through your brand story?

customer segmentation & personas

An in-depth look at your target customer and overall segmentation.  We'll get to know our customer personas better than we know ourselves and understand the key messages for each segment. 

INternal identity

A complete summary of your mission, vision and brand purpose, differentiators, positioning, value proposition, and more.  Every buzz word you've heard in branding conversations and more. 

external expression

Bringing the brand to life, understanding what you say (through your brand story) and how you say it.  



Workshop 1 - Focused on customers and competitors.



Strategy-writing - drawing on research and our workshops, we'll devise the strategy that spans your customer, your identity/positioning and your story. 


Strategy presentation - We'll present the 1st draft of the brand strategy, answering all questions and feedback on board.



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Workshop 2 - Focused on your identity and storytelling. 

Final delivery - we'll deliver the final presentation and all files needed to get to the action.

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If you previously completed a brand audit with us, you get £750 off this cost. 


how long does the process take?

Strategy development usually takes around 3 weeks.  More, if we need to gather first-hand customer research.

do you only work with female-founded brands? 

No! We are thrilled to work with brands of all different sizes, of all different make-ups. We wholeheartedly believe that gender equality needs to be championed by men as much as women, so we love to work with all human beings to make as much impact as possible. 

how involved do i need to be?

You have 1000 things on the go.  We totally understand.  To get the best strategy possible, we need about a day's worth of your time that will be spent 'workshop style'.  From there, we need to present the strategy and take on board any feedback you have before final delivery.

Let's get to work on your brand strategy

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